Friday, November 9, 2012

MARATHON MOUSE: A Teacher's Guide and a Giveaway!

It is well known that things don't often go as planned and today is a good indication of that.
You see, today I was planning on writing a blog entry about my own experiences of running the NYC Marathon and tie it into Preston Mouse's experiences in the adorable book MARATHON MOUSE by Amy Dixon, illustrated by Sam Denlinger.  However, anyone with access to the news media knows that that particular blog entry is not possible for me to write today. 
But there is a lesson here. 
Just because dreams don't happen as you had planned, you need to keep chasing them.  I think if there is anything that Preston Mouse would like us to take away from his story, it is just that.  Thank you, Amy Dixon for sharing a tale of dreams, struggle and triumph.  Keep on, keepin' on.
And remember...there is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate...
You see, I was given the opportunity to create a Teacher's Guide for MARATHON MOUSE and today you have the opportunity to both read that guide AND enter to win your own signed copy of the book!
AND...if you are interested...

I can develop a guide for you to share with teachers and librarians, as well as tailored lessons and activities that you can use for your Author Visits.
I am a former teacher and I am here to help! I am currently creating Teacher’s Guides for Picture Books, Middle Grade novels and Young Adult novels.

You will receive:

· An initial phone consultation to talk about your wants and needs.
· An a la carte menu for your guide. Pick and choose which topics you want covered, or go all the way with a thorough cross-curricular option.
· Activities created specifically for your Author Visits.
· A guide fully developed to enrich students’ experiences.
· Lessons and activities which are "core curriculum standard compliant".

· Options for every budget!
I just love helping students connect and engage with a piece of literature so that it suddenly comes alive for the individual!  
Click here to see the Teacher's Guide for MARATHON MOUSE by Amy Dixon and illustrated by Sam Denlinger.
If you are interested in contacting me about developing a guide for your book, please email me at
To enter to win the signed copy of MARATHON MOUSE, become a follower of me (MarcieColleen1) on Twitter or be a follower of this blog AND comment below. The winner will be chosen over the weekend and notified next week.  THANK YOU, AMY! 
Marcie Colleen has a bachelor’s degree in Education of English and Language Arts from Oswego State Unversity and a Masters degree in Educational Theater from New York University. She is a former classroom teacher in New York State. She has served as a curriculum creator for the Central New York Institute of Aesthetic Education, Syracuse Stage, Tony Randall’s National Actors Theater, and various Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, as well as the International Lysistrata Project in 2003. She was the Director of Education for TADA! Youth Theater in NYC creating and managing educational programming reaching over 30,000 students and families in the NYC Metro area a year. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and is swiftly chasing the dream to picture book publication for her own stories.


  1. Your teacher's guides sound wonderful, Marcie! This post is wonderful, too. "Just because dreams don't happen as you had planned, you need to keep chasing them." YES. (And thanks for using one of my grandmother's favorite phrases, too. "Keep on keeping on!")

    I've just clicked to follow you on twitter -- I've been following your blog for quite a while. Will now cross my fingers for the giveaway! (Although I won't have much internet access next week, so I'll have to check back later.)

  2. This is so cool, Marcie! I had no idea you wrote teacher guides... and you're the only one I know! So I'll make sure to recommend you as well.

    Girl! You have been such an inspiration to me... and this is just another example... God can use flexibility like yours! So can the whole world! Bless you, friend!

  3. Wow, Marcie, your Teacher's Guide is awesome! I never would have thought of all the ways this PB could tie into Language Arts, as well as Math and Science. Well done!

  4. Marcie. You. da. bomb. I love this and I love Amy and I would love to win a copy of this book. Congrats on another wonderful guide!

  5. What an inspiration! I just followed you on twitter (@ideas4sale). Congrats on making your writing happen! I'm still the fearfully dabbling stage but posts like these encourage me to slay my scary writing dragon and go for it too.

  6. My October 12X12 draft is about a critter on a quest much like Amy's mouse....well, without the running part! Can't wait to get my hands in this book and would just love to win an autographed copy AND a teacher's guide!!

    1. Note to self...let coffee kick in fully before commenting on blog posts!

  7. Marcie, your teacher guides are fantastic! I love Marathon Mouse and your teacher guide supports it very well. I follow your blog and twitter already. I would live to win a guide for Flap (coming out Nov 15).

    1. Got it. I would love to win a copy of Marathon Mouse for my daughter who runs everywhere she goes. As for the curriculum guide, Marcie and I can chat. : )

  8. Can't wait to read Marathon Mouse & support you as you set out to run NYC marathon 2013!

  9. Marcie, your teacher guides are awesome. Once I have my business up and running I will be sure to link to your guides. Are you able to provide guides to authors living outside of US?

  10. Marcie, you did a fabulous job on the teaching guide! You will definitely be my go-to person for this. I hope to contact you soon. And I am super excited about Amy's book!
    Blog subscriber- check ( have been for a while)
    Twitter follower- check
    Comment- check

  11. Another fabulous guide! I am a follower of your blog and now a Twitter follower :-) I would love to win a copy!

  12. Another excellent job on this teacher guide! You rock, Marcie!

  13. Marcie, I am so sorry about your NY Marathon disappointment. But you are teaching all of us a valuable lesson this week by sharing your experience. Stay safe. Keep training. And we'll cheer you on next time.

  14. Wow! I must tell my teacher friends when your teacher guide comes out. You would have been a hit with all of us in the 80's and 90's when picture books were ithe driving force in thematic teaching styles. It was part of the whole language movement, thematic, etc. Some of us still believe in thematic teaching and your guide will go well with it. You are fabulous for making pictures books a driving force again.

  15. Marcie, I love the way you created this Teacher Guide for Marathon Mouse. You incorporate some fun activities! Thanks for inspiring me with some new angles for my author talks! I am following you on Twitter now. ;)

    Amy, I'm excited to hear more about how this little mouse runs all over the country as you share in schools and online. Go get 'em, friend!