Friday, March 15, 2013

FOOD FIGHT: The Winners!

Creative people have a zillion flitting ideas throughout any given day.  Only sometimes they actually decide to act on one of them.  That is what happened last September when I was struck with the idea of FOOD FIGHT. 

After a one-on-one critique with Dr. Mira Reisberg it occured to me that although I absolutely love onomatopoeia I hardly ever remember to use it in my own writing.  That needed to change.

I came up with the idea of FOOD FIGHT as a way of promoting and reminding the writing community about the fun and beauty of onomatopoeia.

I knew it would be fun.  But I didn't know if anyone would participate. 

Enter 11 brave bloggers and 21 food flingers who took my idea and literally ran with it.  The creativity was astounding. 

We had stories that varied in setting from a car to a school cafeteria to sleep-away camp.  We had fights between farmers and bunnies, witches and princesses, cows and sheep.  And the choices of food to fling were hysterical, from rotted and spoiled food, to a bucket full of worms, to even a chipmunk in a forest fight.  There was even a very creative intergalactic food fight with words worthy of Dr. Seuss and weapoinzed food!  And who didn't love Timmy's grandma who definitely celebrated her birthday with a BANG, or should we say SPLAT?

You can read all of the entries here.

Thank you to each one of you who participated.  I definitely plan to run this as an annual event in conjunction with World Read Aloud Day. 

Also, I plan to create an ONOMATOPOEIA Word List which will include all of the fun words you created during FOOD FIGHT ~ like one of my favorites...BUNKARUNKADUNG!  I hope this list will be a living list and will be a reference guide for writers.  Stay tuned for that.

Now on to the winners.  And trust me, it was NOT easy.

First we have the winner of the Most Food Flung.  This person commented multiple times on each story and definitely was community personified. 


She wins a copy of KA-BOOM!: A Dictionary of Comic Book Words, Symbols and Onomatopoeia.  I hope it is a wonderful reference for you.  Watch out, everyone.  She's well-armed for next year. 

Be sure to email me your address at, Donna.

And now the winner of The Best Story. 

This was very tough.  As I said, the creativity was overwhelming and definitely had me rolling on the floor. 

The judging finally came down to the story which was not only creative in its setting, scenario and characters, but also set up an incredible challenge for the community, asking those who "grew" the story to be extra creative and write in rhyme.  This story elevated the FOOD FIGHT to a level of community building I had not intended.  So cool!  And that winner is

Mamma D wins free registration in the Picture Book Academy's self-paced e-course "Writing Wonderful Character-Driven Picture Books" which is taught by Marsha Diane Arnold and Dr. Mira Reisberg.

Please reach out to me at so we arranged your prize.


Congrats to the winners.  And once again, thank you to all of our participants.  I hope it was truly a good time and we hope to play with you again next year! 

I also want to thank Julie Rowan-Zoch for our fabulous badge that kinda screams cafepress.  We might need swag next year. 


  1. Woohoo, congrats to Donna and Mamma D, whose rhyming story I LOVED. Thank you so much for organizing our first food fight, Marcie. And, yes, I adore all that Julie creates.

  2. Congratulation Donna and Mamma D. Thank you Marcie this was so much fun. I am looking forward to next year.

  3. Thanks for creating and hosting such a fun event Marcie; I had a ball! It was great to meet & write with fellow 12x12rs, read stories that kept me in hysterics, and FLING, FLUNG, FLOOM the week away! Congratulations Mamma D, enjoy Picture Book Academy! Thanks Joanna! :0)

  4. Oh how fun! Congrats Donna & Mamma D! Thank you Marcie for putting together this challenge for us. Looking forward to seeing your onomatopoeia list.

  5. Hearty congrats to Donna and Mamma! This was a fun contest. :)

  6. Hearty congrats to Donna and Mamma! This was a fun contest.

  7. What a surprise!! I am a bit speechless actually. Thank you so much for putting together such a creative event Marcie! I had such a wonderful time and my kids loved hearing the stories almost as much as I loved reading them. Great job to everyone! Congrats Donna! Thanks again!

  8. What a surprise!! I am a bit speechless actually. All of the stories were so creative, fun and quite different! Thank you Marcie for creating such a welcoming environment and a great, if not so clean, fight! I had such a wonderful time!! Congrats Donna for many flung foods! Thanks again!!

  9. Thanks Marcie foe doing this. It was one of the more fun things I've done.

    And, of course, congratulations to the winners.

  10. Yay! Congrats to the winners. It was fun to read all the stories!

  11. Congratulations Mama D! I hope you enjoy my course.

    Somehow Marcie I have stopped getting your blog emails, so I had forgotten about all the Food Fight Fun. Thanks so very much for doing this. Glad everyone had a grand time.