Friday, June 7, 2013

The Evaporated Writer

The night before a marathon, my coaches always tell us to do one particular thing to make the morning go smoothly despite the jitters and excitement: create an "Evaporated Runner."  This entails laying all clothing and accessories, including shoes, nutrition and sunscreen out on the floor so they are easily found in the morning.  Afterall, when facing 13.1 or 26.2 miles, the last thing that should occupy your brain on race day is where to find clean socks.

Well, this weekend I am attending the New Jersey SCBWI conference and believe me, there are jitters and plenty of excitement.

In a way I feel like I am preparing for the BIG race. 

3 days.
3 one-on-one critiques
One 4 minute agent pitch
One First Page Session
7 workshop sessions
And countless kidlit friends to see and make. help prepare, I present to you my "Evaporated Writer."

Items starting at the top and moving clockwise:

1.  Glasses.  You never know when you want to look smarter.  For example, when someone asks me about the Teacher's Guides I create for picture books...need to look smart. 

2.  Cute white vintage sweater.  It gets cold in those hotel conference centers. 

3.  A box of new business cards.  Complete with my face on them.  Also included the new website:

4.  A small notepad and several pens.  Of course, I am a writer so I NEVER leave the house without a notepad.  And you never know when your pen will suddenly run out of ink!

5.  An accordian file complete with several copies of my submission-ready manuscripts, WiPs manuscripts for workshop sessions and my First Page Session manuscript.

6. Rick Springfield's Greatest Hits.  There is a karaoke party on Saturday night and this chick's been practicing.

7.  Top and cute skirt.  Gotta look good.  We might be writers.  But, honey...we got style!

8.  Boots.  They were made for walking.  Channeling my inner-Nancy Sinatra.

9.  Books by friends that need autographing.  So bringing my own Sharpie, too.

10.  Deoderant.  Never go to conference without it.  There will be sweating. There will be nerves.  Don't let there be stink, too.

*Not pictured ~ wine glass and wine for after all the sessions each night. 

Alright, I am off!

What items would your "Evaporated Writer" include? 


  1. Hope your evaporated (and reconstituted) writer has a blast at the conference, Marcie! Sounds as though you're going to take full advantage of every opportunity. This is great!

    My Evaporated Writer outfit would be nowhere near as cute as yours, but I would definitely have business cards with my pic on them, the full compliment of notepads and pens, a folder with all the conference documents in it, and my Children's Book Hub tote bag to carry it all in!

  2. I LOVE this idea! Evaporated writer - Brilliant. Have fun!

  3. Business cards are a must!
    Cute outfit is a must. I met one lady at a conference who wore red shoes. She said if I'm brave enough to wear these shoes then I'm brave enough to talk to complete strangers. I think the right outfit can help with confidence especially when it comes to pitching.

  4. Cute outfit is a must! I met a lady at conference who was wearing red shoes. She said if I'm brave enough to wear these shoes then I'm brave enough to talk to complete strangers.

    I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. That was a fun post. Have a blast.

  6. That was a fun post. Have a blast.

  7. 'Wish I were there. Maybe I'll see you next year. Here's hoping you make the right connections!

  8. I love this idea. I do this for races too but I've never thought of doing it for a conference. Sadly, my gear won't include pair of lace up boots. (so jealous!)

  9. Oh, what a great idea! Now why didn't I think of that? You need a color theme like TNT's purple. Then again, you're a writer and writers can not be confined to one color! GO MARCIE!

    Go finish this race and knock the editor and agent's socks off!

  10. Love this! Hope some dreams come true, and you blow out the karaoke competition!

  11. Fun! Can't wait to hear all about it! Looks like a super conference!

  12. Loved your business cards. Well done! I'm feeling like an evaporated writer now...I had no idea conferences had 3 day hangovers. The marathon analogy was a good one!