Thursday, August 29, 2013

Calling All Teachers: A Picture Book Month Special Request

For lovers and readers of Picture Books, it seems clear enough.  Picture Book are invaluable.  And PB-friendly educators know that they can be used to teach a wide variety of concepts and therefore should be included in any classroom curriculum.  However, with an increase interest in learning standards and the Common Core, sometimes Picture Books are looked at as “not making the grade.”

This November, join Picture Book Month as we celebrate the genre and shed light on the educational value of Picture Books.

I have been given the amazing honor of being named Picture Book Month’s Education Consultant and have been working hard to create a Teacher’s Guide addressing how to use Picture Books across the curriculum and to meet the Common Core, as well as other state mandated standards.  It has been a huge undertaking, but I am passionate about this and cannot wait to share the completed Teacher’s Guide with you in November.

In past years PBM has featured daily posts by authors and illustrators stating “Why Picture Books are Important.”

This year, teachers, I want to hear from YOU!

Why are Picture Books important to your classroom teaching?

Do you have an anecdote about:

·         Using Picture Books to teach Math, Science, Social Studies or ELA concepts?

·         Reaching an uninterested kid through Picture Books?

·         Using Picture Books, especially fiction, to teach to the Common Core?

·         A Picture Book that you return to year after year to teach certain concepts?

If so, you can be a very special CONTRIBUTOR in this year’s Picture Book Month celebration!

Write up your testimonial regarding the importance of Picture Books in the classroom (750 words, or less, please) and email it to me at  Include a picture of yourself.
Those who participate will be featured in the Picture Book Month Teacher’s Guide which will be available for download at starting in November.

And of course, teachers and non-teachers, grab an Ambassador Button to place prominently on your social media or website.  Then visit for ideas about celebrating! Let's get the word out this year that Picture Books have value!

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  1. Though I enjoyed tutoring bilingual children in 2nd and 3rd grade, I had to give up this year due to family issues but hope to do it again sometime. The most popular picture books were by Dr.Seuss but we had fun reading many classics. I say classics because the school I volunteered at relied on donated books and newer books were rare.