Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Day to Fling Your Food! Literary FOOD FIGHT closes at Midnight EST

Sad, but true.  Our FOOD FIGHT comes to an end at midnight tonight (EST).  So, grab that last spoonful of chocolate pudding or that last bowl of creamed corn and make it count!

It's not too late to win the coveted "Most Food Flung" award. 

Your comment needs to grow the story.

Read the posted story and all of the comments that precede you. Then, post your comment. Be sure to build on and further the existing story. Your comment should flow. The story should read as if it was written by one person when read from beginning to end.

ALSO, your comment needs to include at least one word of onomatopoeia and one thrown item of food. Your onomatopoeia must be a word that has not been used already in that story, as well. That's right. Be creative.

You can comment more than once on a story, however, you cannot fight with yourself...meaning, you cannot follow one of your own comments...someone else needs to comment before you can comment again. Have fun.

To my Participating Bloggers:

Over the weekend (March 8th and 9th) blog owners need to wrap up their story. 

Clean up any comments that do not contribute to the story (you know, those "I heart this post" comments). 

I am going to ask you to repost the story in its entirity in a brand new post. 

Create a satisfying ending.  Tie up any loose ends.  Flex those creative writing chops.

Judging starts on Monday and the prizes for "Best Story" and "Most Food Flung" will be awarded March 14th.

You MUST be a Follower of this Blog to be eligible for prizes.


  1. I didn't get to fling much food but I enjoyed the stories!

  2. Ditunggu update terbarunya min , Thanks atas infonya