Monday, July 8, 2019

The Heart (and Power) of an Indie Bookstore

Marianne Reiner, owner of Run For Cover Bookstore (  in Ocean Beach, San Diego has outdone herself! 

Over the weekend I received an email from Marianne. She had overheard a father and daughter in her children's section, reading Super Happy Party Bears #1: Gnawing Around. The daughter, 5, was immediately drawn to the Bears, handing the book to her father who started to read aloud, prompting him all along to continue. "Don't stop!" "Just one more page."

As the two approached the counter to purchase the book, Marianne spoke with them. She explained that the author lived locally and was a friend. She learned that the two were in San Diego on vacation and would be returning home soon. 

The little girl would soon be a big sister and this vacation was to make her feel extra special before the new baby arrived. Marianne's wheels started turning and she cooked up a wonderful surprise to make this a vacation to remember.
Marianne emailed me to tell me about the young girl and her love of the Super Happy Party Bears book. She said she wanted to gift the second book to the girl and wondered if I could come to the store to sign it. Of course I did (adding a Super Happy Party Bears button to the special package)!

Not long afterward, Marianne forwarded this lovely thank you from the father:

Hi Marianne,

Thank you, and Marcie, so much for the signed book - she was over the moon, and immediately starting comparing the different chapter title numbers and looking at the stories. She’s thrilled about the buttons, and is already talking about wanting all the books! Thank you for making our vacation here special. 

You will not get this kind of love and care through Amazon. This is the heart of an indie bookstore. This is the heart of bookseller, Marianne Reiner, and Run For Cover Bookstore. 

By the way, if anyone reading this would like a signed copy of any of my books, please feel free to contact Run For Cover ( She would love to make that happen.

Thank you, Marianne! Connecting readers to books is a magical endeavor and you are a generous sorceress, indeed.