Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Say "NO!" to Dabbling

The challenge starts Sept 6th, 2011

Since I was a little girl I remember getting excited about the beginning of September and a new school year.  I'm not quite sure if it was seeing friends again, getting new school supplies or just having a new routine, but each September seemed packed with possibility and excitement!

Into adulthood I realize that I am the type of person who thrives on routine.  When I set a goal I almost always complete it...and in a timely fashion.  But if there is no goal...I tend to find myself procrastinating. 

For a long time now I have had a desire to be a children's author and have dabbled on a few picture book manuscripts, however without a precise step-by-step daily routine, I find it difficult to make progress.  Every writer knows that one of the most commonly given pieces of adivice is "write daily".  Easier said than done.  However, today I challenge myself to do just that!

I entered Kindergarten not knowing how to read, 12th Grade not knowing Pre-Calculus and college not knowing how to do my own laundry!  :)   Its amazing what can be accomplished in 10 months if we set our mind to it.

Through this blog I hope to share my journey with you.  My ups and downs.  I am not sure what the outcome will be, but that is part of the excitement.  Step one: Attempt to "Write Daily".

I invite other writers to take this challenge with me.  If you want to take this challenge, comment below.  Let's make this school year our best! 

Blog updates will never be more frequent than once a week...


  1. Marcie - First, let me offer congratulations on your choice to make this important in your life. Wee all can come up with many reasons to put things off, but it takes real courage to commit.

    Second, for years, I shared Stephen King's advice with my students, so now, I'll share it with you: Do what he calls writing with the door closed. First, literally close yourself behind a door with no distractions available and don't come out until you've hit a page mark (a consistent one) each day. During these initial draftings, there is no editing, no real second thoughts, just get the story on paper. you can make it look pretty later.

    by the by. this is the crux of his book "On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft" that I used as a primary teaching text for five years.

    Last, best of luck.

  2. Cheering you on all the way on this wonderful creative journey!

  3. sometimes something comes along, that just screams, " LISTEN!" I have experienced this in the past few days. When it's time, it's time. I thank you for your invite. I thank you for allowing me to face what I need to do for myself. I thank you for the commitment you set before me. NOW let's get to it!
    Susie : > )))))

  4. You're right. Writing daily is so much easier said than done. Then again, it depends on what is considered "writing". I write on facebook, twitter and/or my blog, or others' blogs daily. I write in my journal daily. But do I write CREATIVELY on my MSS daily? No, unfortunately and sadly, I do not. That is my goal. Even if it's just ONE sentence!