Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let the challenge begin!

Everyone knows that the first week or two of school is an adjustment.  Students spend time learning their new schedule, finding classrooms, meeting new teachers and friends, etc.

Today is the first day of the Write Routine Challenge: The 10 Month War on Dabbling.  This is only the beginning.

As you begin this week to build a habit of writing daily, observe yourself and ask yourself the following questions:
  • What time of day am I the most productive?  What time of day do I prefer to write?
  • Where do I prefer to write?  A desk?  A special chair? The park?  At home?  The library? 
  • Do I prefer to write on a computer or paper?
  • For how long do I have to write daily?  When can I carve out time and for how long?
  • What do I do when I can't seem to find anything to write about?
Some of you might have the answers to these questions already, but I encourage you to experiment.  You never know what you may find.

Please share any questions or revelations below.  And of course, share this blog with any writer you might want to encourage.

Good luck this week!  I look forward to checking in next Monday.  :) 

Now pull out those manuscripts or start a new one!  Let's do this!  Write on!


  1. Thank you for the great questions. I've always found the A.M. to be so much more to my liking. Especially before 9. But since the new school year has begun, I'm inundated with demands before 8. What can I do? I'd like to still go to the gym by 9, but now I'll have to rearrange my priorities and I'm "freaking" out. If only there were more hours before 9 and after 6! ALSO...

    I've been writing four stories all at the same time. When I come across a block or dead end, I shift to another story. I found myself writing and then rewriting a totally different story. I'm on my fourth draft, I think. How can I stop this process? I might need some disciplinary advice.

    Till next time...

  2. I like to write in the morning, but since I never do, maybe I just think I'd like to write in the AM. Most of my writing is actually done at night after my 2 children are in bed. But then I run into another problem: I want to stay up and KEEP writing. But if I stay up too late, I won't get up early and go RUN. I struggle with finding the balance between writing and running. It's like time is fighting against me and refuses to let me have either love.

    SDM2007, Don't stop your process...if it works. I often have 6-7 stories going on at the same time. I do eventually finish one. I currently now have 4 on submission. Switching back and forth helps me gain perspective on each story, too.