Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When you fall off, get right back on the horse!

In the last week I have found myself playing hooky (ie. having a much needed vacation) and not writing.  I blamed the lack of free wi-fi on my trip to the reason why I had not updated this blog, although it definitely is not the reason why I didn't even touch my manuscript...not even on the 6 hour plane ride out and 6 hours back.

I flashed back to the days in grade school when I took piano lessons.  Each week my pulse would quicken knowing that I had not practiced at all and it was time for another lesson.  Usually I feigned illness or tried to get myself "excused" from piano.  Needless to say, my parents picked up on these cues and promptly canceled the sessions.

Over the past two weeks I have felt like that little girl from years ago, terrified to admit that my goal of writing every day had so quickly fallen by the wayside.  Embarrassed, ashamed and therefore creatively crippled.  Its funny how some things never change.

What are my options, throw in the towel and quit, much like I did with piano all those years ago?  If you could hear me play Chopsticks you would know how far that got me!  Or do I reconnect with my dreams of being a writer, step back and see where I went wrong so I can move on?  Yeah....that one!

So stepping back, what have I learned about myself so far in this journey...

1)  I write best in the morning or afternoon hours.  As a nanny, I usually fit this in around naptime.
2)  I work best when sitting at my desk or a table with a hard chair...much like one would be at an office.
3)  I like one cup of coffee and one glass of ice water on the desk/table. (That way I cannot use thirst as a means of procrastinating.  Plus, taking a sip sometimes offers a great time to reflect on what you want to write).
4)  When I fall short of my goal, I often want to hide and therefore it delays me even more.
5)  Writing class was a great way to get back on track and get the "juices flowing".  I am actually contemplating enrolling for this semester as a way to keep focused.  I also have a Critique Group meeting tonight....I expect it will help me "re-group", as well.

Bottomline, we all need vacations and we all fall short of goals at times.  What counts is how quickly you jump back into the fold and get cracking afterward.

I hope you have all had productive first weeks on this challenge.  If you have fallen off the horse, get back on!  Be bold!  Make this the day!  Its never too late!

Please share your experiences by commenting below.  And as always, Happy Writing!

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  1. Oh dear I lost my original comment! grr.

    Anyways, I'm totally the same way when I miss a goal deadline. And that makes it all the harder to get back to it!
    I signed up for a SCBWI workshop in November and so had to turn in a "good" version of my PB manuscript this week. It was the push I needed. I managed to do four rounds of crits and revisions before turning it in. I actually really like how it came out:)