Friday, July 27, 2012

Friendspiration Friday: Bethany Telles

Not only is today the 4th installment in my new Friendspiration Friday series, but it is also the conclusion of Renn Week here on The Write Routine. 

Let's face it, we cannot conclude Renn Week without giving special mention to his amazing mom.  So today, I would like to introduce Bethany Telles as my Friendspiration!

I am relatively new to the Children's Book Writing community.  In fact, I have only been pursuing this field for a little over a year and did not join a community online til I participated in Tara Lazar's PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month) in November of 2011.

However, it became very clear early on that Bethany Telles was a special member of the community.  Although she lives clear across the country from Brooklyn, NY in Clovis, CA it was easy to become her friend and immediately feel a bond. 

At first we had small chats on the PiBoIdMo Facebook page, and later on the 12x12in12 Facebook page.  We then became Followers of eachother's blogs and Friends on Facebook.

Bethany's blog, Perched in a Tree, features wonderful little musings on both life and writing.

I think what stands out to me the most about Bethany is her unapologetic authentic-ness.  You see, life for Bethany is not always peachy.  She is the mother of two young boys and the wife of a man who has a very demanding, dangerous and somewhat secretive job.  And so, yes, sometimes she probably doesn't get the chance to write every single day.  Sometimes life gets in the way.  And with this newest 3 day stay in the Children's Hospital, life can seem scary. However, like a true artist, Bethany is honest about the ups and downs and allows her readers to see inside of that amazing soul of her's.

It is the fact that she has such a wonderful heart that she is willing to bare no matter how unpretty it may look that makes her accessible and likeable to her readers.  She's that friend that invites you over for coffee and you laugh and cry together around her kitchen least that is how it feels each time you read her work.
My e-Book!
Through all of the crazy occurences this past year, I do want to make sure to acknowledge that Bethany was a finalist in the MeeGenius Writing Challenge  and her first e-book "Waiting for James in a Sea of Pink" was published!!  If that's not a testimony to perseverance, I don't know what is! 

Balancing life and writing can be tough.  Bethany proved it can be done. 

So on this rollercoaster of life, Bethany grabs onto her writing community, her family, her Faith and her talent.  She is amazing.  Its not surprising that Renn has endured all of his latest struggles with a smile on his face.  It is obvious to me that he inherited that smile from his mama.

Do YOU have a Friendspiration you would like to introduce us to on a future Friday? Please send an email to and we will make that happen.


  1. Oh, what a perfect way to conclude Renn Week! Bethany is an inspiration to us all.

    Thanks, Marcie!

  2. I totally agree. What a lovely Friendspiration post Marcie. Bethany is one amazing and inspiring friend!!!

  3. I second Beth and Jennifer. Marcie, I love your new series.

  4. Nice to meet you Bethany! Your strength is inspiring. Best wishes to you, your son and your family.

  5. Couldn't have been a more appropriate Friendspiration for this week. I agree Bethany is a shining inspiration!

  6. Wow... Marcie, you're an incredible person. Thank you so much.

    And to the rest of you? Thank you... Love to you all!

  7. Good choice! People who do it all with a smile are a wonderful inspiration.

  8. Bethany certainly is an inspiration. I have been following her progress with her darling son Renn closely as my brother is going through similar with his son. What affects one affects many who are close. Thankyou Bethany and thankyou Marcie.

  9. Lovely description of Bethany!

  10. Friendspiration is a great series and this was an inspiring and meaningful post! Thanks.