Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Musing

Yesterday I took at photography tour through DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The tour began with a look at the New York Transit Museum's exhibit of Antonio Masi's watercolor depictions of the iconic bridges of NYC.  And then we headed out to see what our own photographer's eyes could find.

Two hours and one hundred various shots later, I finally had one I was somewhat proud of.  A rustic, urban depiction of the Manhattan Bridge (shown right). 

Sifting through the various pictures, I could see improvement.  I could see style starting to emerge.  I could see themes and technique.

Some I deleted. Others could benefit from Photo Shop at a later date.

I started to think of my writing.  I started to think of the countless WIPs which live in a folder on my computer. 

Sifting through the various manuscripts is the same experience.  Not all will be looked at further.  Some will go through revisions to see what is there.  Others are gems. 

The key is in the practice and the doing. 

The same is with writing. 

Give yourself permission to be ugly.  Give yourself permission to fall short.  It is in this permission that you will find your gems.