Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Habits of Great Writers: Practice

"Real writers practice. They show up, every day, without excuse or complaint (okay maybe some complaint). This is the work of a professional.

I’m not talking about rehearsal. I’m talking about doing what musicians and boxers and lion tamers all do in order to get ready for their work. To become awesome at their crafts.

They practice in public

In other words, they perform. They go to work. Get stuff done. They stop stalling and playing around and actually do the stuff."  ~ Jeff Goins

So into the lion's den I go!  This weekend I am attending the New Jersey SCBWI conference in Princeton, NJ.  I guess its time to "practice in public".

How do I plan to "practice" at the conference?

One of the awesome "perks" of the NJ conference is that we get a chance to sit with agents and editors during lunch and therefore are given the opportunity to actually pitch our work. 

Up until right at this moment, I was thinking that I would simply chat with the agents and editors but not actively pitch anything.  I guess I was thinking that none of my stuff is truly ready to be pitched. 


I am going to practice in public. to brush up on how to successfully write a pitch.  I wonder why my hands just starting shaking...

Anyway, pointers on pitching would be great!

How are you going to "practice in public" this weekend?  Share your comments...and advice for me below! 

Happy Writing!


  1. Take a deep breath - it will all be fine :) Now then. Who is your story about? What do they want/need desperately? Why can't they get it? Put it all together, you've got a pitch :) For example (using Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse) Lilly has a new purple purse with coins that jingle. She longs to show it off to everyone, but school is not the place. When she can't control herself and becomes distracting, her beloved teacher takes it away. Does that help at all?