Monday, June 25, 2012

15 Habits of Great Writers: Brand

Everyone has a least that is what Jeff Goins states on his blog. 

What makes a brand, you say?

 A brand is comprised of 3 things:
  • Your name
  • An image
  • Your voice

So I started thinking...what is my brand?
  • My Name ~ Marcie Colleen (although I realize that my blog is called The Write Routine, and might eventually need to be changed to be just my name or Marcie Colleen's Write Routine).  It is important to get my name associated with all I do.

  • My Image ~ How do people recognize me?  Its the hair.  I have very big, curly blonde hair.  I also often have sunglasses on top of my head. It sounds funny, but it is usually people's first impression of me and how I am found in a crowd.  The real question to start pondering is how to make that part of my brand.  I could look to one of my creative artist friends and ask them to create a logo based on my hair and sunglasses....or I can simply use my headshot (which is what I currently use). But in any case, it is part of my brand.

  • My Voice ~ All writers spend at least some time looking for their voice.  Its the style in which we communicate.  A writing teacher once said, upon reading a manuscript of mine, that is contained my "trademark wit and sense of absurd joy"! What a magnificent compliment!  I felt like I had really found my picture book voice. 
So there you have it.  My brand...

Marcie Colleen ~ Big curly blond hair, with sunglasses atop her head and a trademark wit and sense of absurd joy! 

I'll take it!  Now to let the world know about it!

What's your brand?


  1. This title drew me right to your post, and I think you are right to use that gorgeous mane of hair of yours as part of your brand. It's certainly memorable, and people can see you coming from across two rooms! :-)

    I say stick with the headshot so we can see your adorable face too!

  2. I love it! And your sunny, bubbly disposition.
    Mine is in my Blog name I

  3. Great post. It's made me think about how I might be seen. Name - obvious, voice - a little zany & fun (I hope!), image - that's not something I'd considered. Definitely something to think about. Thanks Marcie.

    1. Agreed. I had never thought about it, too. Kinda a fun exercise. :)

  4. This reminds me of the movie Curly Sue! Maybe u can come up with a great curly-haired character!

    1. I've often thought of it, Tina. We shall see....

  5. Thank you Marcie for making me stop a moment and think about my 'brand'.