Tuesday, June 5, 2012

15 Habits of Great Writers: Declare

Back in September, I set up this blog to coincide with the school year.  I gave myself the 10 months of the traditional school calendar to start new habits and routines and better myself as a writer.  So...if September was the beginning, June marks Finals Time!!

Therefore, I am participating in yet another online challenge as a Final Exam of sorts.

Writer Jeff Goins is running a special series on his website for the next 15 days (Mon-Fri) which focuses on the 15 habits of Great Writers.  As my Final Exam I will be participating in this challenge AND blog about it each day!  Want to join in on the fun?  Follow the link and share your challenge in the comments.

Today's Habit:  DECLARE

I am a writer.  I am a writer.  I AM a writer.

I often don't feel like a writer.  But I am. 

I am a writer because...
  1. I write.
  2. I have folders and folders of stories that I wrote...and some aren't that bad.  :)
  3. Ideas pop into my head that beg to be written.
  4. I enjoy telling stories.
  5. I feel guilty/empty/like something is missing when I don't write.
  6. I proofread everything that I see...especially signs on the street and subway.
  7. If I lost any of the stories on my computer I would be devastated.  (Backing up is soooo important!)
  8. I am on a constant quest for inspiration.
  9. I have fantasies about book signings, school visits, etc.
  10. I love getting critiques of my work, in the hopes that it will help me improve!
What about you?  Are you a writer?  How do you know?  Share your comments below and come back tomorrow for the next habit.


  1. I declare that I am a writer. I am not a club groupie just to pretend to be a writer and I declare that I will continue to hone my skills and seek publication for the ideas, projects, and half finished books on my computer.
    Amen sister.

  2. I declare I am glad you are doing this too!

  3. I have decided to try and utter these words to as many people as possible before the end of the day. I have training for the Marathon today, so I will be meeting lots of new people. Let's see how high I can get the tally before the end of the day. And.....GO!

  4. I know for sure I'm a writer. I write for one hour a day. Exactly one hour. What a difference an hour makes. It makes me a writer.

  5. So glad you are joining us, Marcie! I am snowed under, and can't blog about it, but I am participating. I know I am a writer, because I can't NOT write! Words constantly swirl in my brain, begging to be written down and shared...

  6. Marcie, I just found your site and this wonderful 15-day field trip! I know I'm too late for the final exam, but I'm going to read all 15 days anyway - probably in one sitting. Thanks so much for posting this valuable info!

    Even after having a book published, I still feel funny calling myself a writer!